African American Tobacco Control Platform

E-Cigarette Proponents Say This Helps People Stop Smoking...

  E-Cigarette Proponents Say This Helps People Stop Smoking…

45,000 African Americans continue to die each and every year from tobacco related illnesses. Yet our community has never mounted a true concerted effort to rid our community of its number one killer, tobacco! Our community faces many daunting challenges, but we cannot afford to watch another generation of our children become the replacement smokers for those who have already died.  “Stand UP!”

African American Tobacco Control Platform

1) Protect our Children by making tobacco use and the predatory marketing of flavored tobacco products one of the top five priorities facing our community.

2) Work within our own organizations and religious institutions to mount a sustained and comprehensive campaign against the tobacco industry.

3) Understand that predatory marketing and tobacco use perpetuate poverty in our communities.

4) Hold the tobacco industry responsible for the irreparable harm that has been done to our community.

5) With the support of elected officials, develop a comprehensive tobacco control platform that will eventually reduce tobacco related illness and improve health equity in the African  American community.

6) Demand adequate funding for tobacco prevention programs and culturally appropriate services to help people stop smoking.

7) Educate all organizations and institutions that serve African Americans on how to adopt a non-acceptance of tobacco industry sponsorship/contributions policy.

8) Support raising the price of ALL tobacco products, especially cheap unregulated tobacco products that inundate African American and Latino communities. These products include little cigars, blunt wrappers, and cigarillos such as Black N Milds, and Swisher Sweets.

9) Prohibit the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes.

10) Support and demand smoke free multi-unit housing and other protections against secondhand smoke exposure.