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Yes on Prop29 – Kimberly

Yes on Prop29 – Dr. Phillip Gardiner

Don’t Buy Tobacco Industry Lies!
Vote Yes, Yes, Yes on Prop 29- The California Cancer Research Act
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The AATCLC has over 150 years of tobacco control experience in public policy, research, prevention, community capacity building and cessation.

Media Briefing – “YES on Proposition 29”- Co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Sentinel, Target Market News, and

“We Can Not Say That We Are Against Cancer and Not Be Against the Things That Cause Cancer” Rev. Dante Quick

Media Briefing on Proposition 29 and the African American Community. Get the facts on this important ballot initiative.

Californians have a unique opportunity this June, the opportunity to vote for and pass Proposition 29, the California Cancer Research Act. Proposition 29 is a grassroots initiative that will generate over $468 million dollars for cancer research and over $156 million to adequately fund California’s once stellar tobacco control program. This urgently needed investment in health will be generated by adding $1.00 to each pack of cigarettes sold in the state of California, and it will save taxpayers over $5.1 billion dollars in long term health care costs from the resulting declines in smoking.

Over 160,000 African Americans will be diagnosed with cancer, in this year alone. Whether it is from breast, prostate, or lung cancer, African Americans are profoundly affected in ways that other racial/ethnic groups are not. African American women under 45 are at greater risk for triple negative breast cancer, which is the most aggressive type of breast cancer and the hardest to cure. Though more White women get breast cancer, more Black women die from it; and even more Black women die from lung cancer, though there is greater media coverage of breast cancer. The death rate for prostate cancer is 2.4 times higher in African American men than in White men.

Get the facts on why passage of this proposition is vitally important to saving Black lives and protecting the health our children.”