The “Buffer Zone”

Make Big Tobacco Keep Their Hands Off Our Kids!

Emanuel at podium

In December of 2013, Chicago made history when The City Of Big Shoulders passed tobacco control legislation prohibiting the sale of “all flavored tobacco products” within 500 feet of Chicago schools. This cutting-edge legislation is the first ever to include menthol as a prohibited flavor. Over 70% of underage African American smokers use mentholated tobacco products. A recent Stanford University study documented that in neighborhoods with high percentages of underage African American students, mentholated tobacco product advertising increased while product pricing decreased. Prohibiting the sale of these products in stores frequented by youth is important because it de-normalizes their use and decreases the “sense of familiarity” that the tobacco industry malevolently creates.

The AATCLC wants to protect all of America’s children with a “Buffer Zone”. We are available to:

  • Provide relevant expert presentations/testimony for committee meetings and legislative hearings
  • Provide community capacity building and educational outreach efforts to local community and faith-based organizations
  • Generate national attention and support from national anti-tobacco partners
  • Coordinate meetings with health professionals, civic leaders and grassroots organizations
  • Conduct and participate in press conferences, webinars, and public relations events