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Accelerating the liberation of the Black community from tobacco industry exploitation

Our Priorities

We are making a Quantum Leap to accelerate a national, equity-based tobacco control agenda.


Pursuing a ban on mentholated tobacco products at the federal level through a landmark lawsuit, advancing legislation through Congress, and action by the White House. Click here to learn more.

A Federal tobacco tax

Exploring a federal tobacco tax that would fund commercial tobacco control and tailored cessation efforts. As we move into implementing more tobacco control policies that will shave a direct positive effect on vulnerable populations, we feel that such dedicated funding levels will help our country to decrease health disparities, while directly benefiting the very communities that are most harmed by commercial tobacco products and targeted tobacco industry marketing and targeting.


Strengthening existing partnerships on the federal and national level to further advance Quantum Leap's mission, vision, and goals.

International Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD)

Educate and hold accountable Members of the Congress and the Judicial System of the United States commitment to the International Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

Advocacy in the nation's capital

Aggressively work on AATCLC’s tobacco control policies with our supporters in the executive and legislative branches of the US Government. 

Leadership Development Initiative

Ready to join the fight? 

We are excited to be creating a Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) to build a cadre of national African American tobacco control leaders.

The challenge

As we have traveled the nation working with various organizations and municipalities, we have observed a frightfully anemic tobacco control capacity within the African American community. The boots on the ground are sparse, indeed. This capacity has been somewhat improving, as attention and funding from national foundations have been increasing.

The solution

LDI will seed and infuse tobacco control policies in and among major African American organizations throughout the country. This will ensure that there will be the next generation of African American tobacco control advocates steeped in the broader context and unique issues that face the African American community. The LDI will be an effective defense against the tobacco industry, as it has been well documented that tobacco companies rely heavily on forming ties with African American leadership to counter tobacco control efforts stemming from within the African American community.

LDI Participant information:

  • Participants would be selected from national leadership organizations.

  • Participants will be selected from national leadership organizations, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and Black health organizations to participate in a rigorous 6-month virtual leadership development program

    Participants will receive a $2,500 stipend for their participation and a certificate of completion from the program. 

  • After completion of LDI, participants will be called upon to promote health equity and educate peers and the community about the harms of tobacco and how to effectively counter the tobacco industry targeting of the African American community and promote health equity.

Interested in participating?

Spaces are limited, so apply today!

Thank you. Your interest form has been received.

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