Many of us, if not all, have a tobacco story.   Perhaps our parents and/or other adults in our lives smoked.  Perhaps we saw teenagers and young adults experiment with this deadly addiction.  Perhaps we ourselves fell prey.  Public health education and warnings are no match in face of the constant barrage of aggressive tobacco industry marketing.  Many of us have watched as our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives or siblings had their lives slowly taken away puff by painful puff. Nicotine addiction is not about personal weakness or failure, it is about brain chemistry, slick marketing, and tobacco industry access to the next generation of replacement smokers, our children.

Our goal at the  AATCLC is to end it.  Just as we can’t imagine smoking on airplanes or in public buildings, we want the predatory targeting and the sales of mentholated and flavored tobacco products in our community to be history.  We have started by partnering with cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis-St. Paul,  and Berkeley, California to create safe 500-1000 ft. “Buffer Zones” around our children’s schools.

A “Buffer Zone” where our children’s access to deadly addictive flavored tobacco products is prohibited and just as importantly the presence of these products in our communities is de-normalized.    We want to create a day when we can say “remember when”…. tobacco had flavors such as menthol?

These are the  campaigns the AATCLC are presently working on.  Our mission to increase the number of tobacco control wins for our people. We are committed to this cause for the long haul and are asking you make a commitment with us.

Saving Black lives starts by taking the next step against tobacco use in African American communities. Your donations allow us to go the extra mile, literally within a city to educate the community, speak with elected officials, and host town-hall meetings.

Thank you so much for pledging your support to the AATCLC with your donation today!