On Prime Day, break up with Amazon's racist deals

Racist policing has been big business for Amazon.

On Prime Day, in the midst of uprisings that demand we #DefundPolice to #DefendBlackLives, we’re shining a light on Amazon’s dirtiest deeds and inviting our communities to help us end this toxic relationship:

  • Family separation and the detention of immigrant children at the border?

✅ Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon’s web services are the
backbone of Police and ICE databases.

  • Police surveillance cameras on every porch?

✅ Powered by Amazon Ring: Amazon Ring has over 1400 deals with Police
departments around the country.

  • Racist profiling and police violence against Black and Brown people?

✅ Powered by Amazon Ring’s Neighbors App: Amazon’s Neighbors app allows
and amplifies racist profiling and policing.

  • A future where Corporate Police Partners track your every move?

✅ Powered by Amazon Ring and Rekognition: Amazon’s ‘paused’ facial
recognition technology is building towards a future where you will be identified
and tracked everywhere you go in your own community.

We don’t have to continue on this path towards a future of fear, hate and control. One immediate thing you and everyone you know can do to limit the spread of Amazon’s corporate surveillance dragnet is to refuse to unleash another of its Ring security cameras into your community. In just under a year, we've watched Ring’s partnerships with local police departments explode from 500 precincts, to 800, to currently 1400 and counting. This staggering rise in Ring-police partnerships reflects Amazon’s efforts to commodify the anti-Blackness of gentrification and the fear-mongering of police. It’s time to curtail this dangerous, invasive, and racist technology. Help us end racist policing powered by Amazon by taking the pledge today to break up with Amazon’s racist deals.

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