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On November 15, in collaboration with The African American Statewide Coordinating Center (AACC), we hosted an exciting spoken word contest in Los Angeles, CA. "What's Menthol Got to Do With It? Everything!" is part of an annual series of contests that the AATCLC puts on to engage the community on issues involving menthol cigarettes. Partnering with the newly established AACC ensures that culturally relevant anti-smoking messages reach Africans and African-Americans in priority regions. Last month's event was the first of its kind in Southern California.

Over 60 attendees packed the Hot and Cool Cafe in historic Leimert Park. 20 skilled poets graced the stage one-by-one in an effort to be crowned first, second or third place champions. The community was profoundly moved as the each artist opened their hearts and minds. If you would like more information on the power of Spoken Word events, please contact Kwesi D. Wilkerson at If you are interested in effectively reaching African and/or African-Americans in your region, please contact Y’Lonn Burris at


1st: Walela Nehanda (@itswalela)

2nd: Rasheed Foster

3rd: Avion Warner (@_avixn_)

Honorable mention: Hershey Turner


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