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Aubrey Barnes, known as Rocktown Aubs, is a natural poet, author, and educator from Rocktown, Illinois. He performs as a spoken word artist and a battle rap enthusiast with an appetite to grow and succeed in his craft.

His piece, "You Don't Want That Smoke" is inspired by his Grandmother, who he saw live and die from Nicotine addiction and the intersectional effects of mental health afflictions that are often a result of being underpaid and overworked.

Additionally, Aubrey was inspired by the brothers that he grew up with, works with, takes up space with, who are actively affected by Tobacco use and the distress that comes with living in food deserts.

I took these narratives and personified cigarettes, to expose how Tobacco products affect both the user's and the ones who benefit of the dying from their products.

Want to know more and book this poet? Follow Aubrey for all the latest on his upcoming projects and performances!


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