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Destinee Davis is a poet and author based in Lake Elsinore, California. Her poetry focuses women empowerment and strength from the perspective of a black woman. Through her poems, Destinee calls out societal norms to make readers question why they are norms in the first place and pinpoint the reason in which we should demolish them all together.

Destinee's book, Hourglass discusses the three stages of a relationship and causes the woman to remember who she was in the beginning of the relationship.

Destinee's rendition of "You Don't Want That Smoke" is inspired by her friend who starting smoking at an early age because her parents were smoking. She is witness to her friend's addiction and sees how big of a problem it is now that how she can't go a day without smoking.

Want to know more and book this poet? Follow Destinee for all the latest on her upcoming projects and performances!


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