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Poet Larry Love, also known as Larry Stiner, is a Playwright, Producer, director and dynamic spoken word artist from Los Angeles, California. He aims to captivate audiences by exploring real life relationship issues in creative ways that sir up every type of emotion. Larry is a champion for social justice with a collection of spoken word pieces that touch upon topics such as racial inequality, cultural awareness, black love and spirituality while utilizing words weaved in emotion to enlighten, motivate and spark dialogue. Larry Love's poetry is where love and revolution meet.

His rendition of "You Don't Want That Smoke" is inspired by his mother's passing from lung disease that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

As her caregiver, my heart continually shattered into pieces each time I witnessed her struggling to breathe. When this previously very healthy Angel found out her fate, her message to the young people in our family was, “Never put a cigarette to your mouth.”

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