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Stan Martin

Council Member

As the Founder and CEO of Stan Martin Consulting, LLC (SMC) and with over two decades of experience in program planning and implementation, He has dedicated his entire career to making a positive impact in marginalized communities. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, he has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by historic oppressed populations and has made it his mission to address the root causes of health disparities.


Throughout his career, he has focused on key areas such as tobacco control, chronic disease prevention, health promotion, optimal adolescent health, and vaccine hesitancy. By utilizing strategies like Community Based Participatory Research, Collective Impact, and Population-Based Health, he has been able to drive systemic and policy change at every level, leading to the transformation of social norms.


His commitment to improving the health and well-being of the community was further demonstrated through his collaboration with local organizations, state and federal government agencies to address the root causes of poverty and inequality.  He has created innovative programs focused on increasing pathways and access to optimal healthcare, and supportive services for adolescent teens, including LGBTQIA+ youth. 


In August 2023, he took a leap of faith and fulfilled a long-held dream by launching his own business, SMC,LLC. SMC is a leading anti-racist organization based in the city of Buffalo NY that is committed to strengthening marginalized communities and providing professional consultancy services in the areas of tobacco control, health promotion, social justice and addressing health disparities in communities with the greatest need.


As the CEO of SMC, he is committed to making a difference in the lives of others that fosters a more just an equitable world.

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