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We're finishing the fight!


These past 5 years have witnessed historic and incredible movement on the local, state, and national fronts in the fight against Big Tobacco. The tobacco industry is rallying across the nation to maintain the status quo but we are fighting back and winning across the country. We are at war and as public health continues to advance the agenda forward, the development and implementation of a cohesive national menthol strategy have never been more imperative.

The 3rd National Menthol Conference will bring together tobacco control advocates, community leaders, researchers, students, elected officials, public health professionals, foundations, coalitions, and health departments from across the country to provide a national road-map and marching orders in the effort to achieve the final goal of removing menthol and flavored tobacco products from the market once and for all.

Face masks are required at the 3rd National Menthol Conference to combat the spread of COVID-19 and keep participants safe. Click here for a full listing of our COVID-19 safety protocols. 


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